My Beoplay E8 Sport do not pair with or auto-connect to my device. What do I do?


Some devices need to be paired with the Beoplay E8 Sport in a specific way. If you are experiencing difficulties with pairing, you may find the below steps helpful.

1. Enable the Bluetooth pairing mode on Beoplay E8 Sport - LED indicator flashing blue. Review Bluetooth pairing.

2. In the Bluetooth menu of the device, select the Beoplay E8 Sport shown as a classic Bluetooth headphone icon (example from a Samsung phone shown to the right).


Do not select the BLE symbol (example from a Samsung phone shown to the right).
Wait for the Beoplay E8 Sport to appear as a classic Bluetooth icon and select it.


3. After pairing successfully, the LED indicator on Beoplay E8 Sport will turn solid white for 20 seconds.

4. If the above steps do not work, remove all pairings and restart the mobile device. Then pair the mobile device to the Beoplay E8 Sport only.

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