How do I know which Beoplay A2 variant I have?


The main differences between the Beoplay A2 and the Beoplay A2 Active are the straps and the connectors as described below:


The Beoplay A2 (left) has a DC power input, a USB connection for charging external devices as well as a mini-jack Line-in.

The Beoplay A2 Active (right) has a USB-C and a Line-in socket. USB-C is used as both charging input and output for external devices. 



The Beoplay A2 (left) includes a leather strap, while the Beoplay A2 Active (right) comes with a strap made from strong canvas. A second strap is included in the packaging. 


How do I find the serial number for my:

Beoplay A2

Beoplay A2 Active 

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