How do I set up my Beoplay A6 for use with Spotify?


First of all, you must have a Spotify Premium account. You can sign up for a Spotify account via the Spotify webpages ( ). Your Spotify app must contain the ‘Spotify Connect’ feature. Please consult the Spotify webpages for availability and compatibility.
Please note that Spotify is not available in all countries.

Also, make sure that Beoplay A6 is updated with the latest software. You can update software via the Bang & Olufsen app or via your PC/MAC. Automatic system software updates are enabled by default, and this is the recommended setting. The software update may take a while depending on your network connection.

To start playback on Beoplay A6 from your Spotify account for the first time:

  1. Make sure that both your mobile device and Beoplay A6 are connected to your network
  2. Launch the Spotify Connect app
  3. Select the music you wish to listen to and select Beoplay A6 under ‘Available devices’

Beoplay A6 incorporates Spotify software which is subject to 3rd party licenses found here:

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