How do I reset Beoplay A6 to factory settings?


If you want to remove all your personal settings, you can reset Beoplay A6 to factory settings as described below.

Making a factory reset: 

1. Remove the connection panel cover.

2. Insert a pin (for example a straightened paper clip) into the 'reset' hole and keep it pressed for 10 seconds until you hear sound feedback and the product status indicator flashes red shortly.

3. When the network indicator starts flashing white and then begins to flash orange, Beoplay A6 is ready to be set up in a wireless network. If Beoplay A6 has a wired connection to a network router, the network indicator turns solid white.

4. All settings you have made to your Beoplay A6 are reset, including pairing with Bluetooth devices and Beosound Essence Remotes. Network settings are deleted, and you must set up Beoplay A6 again to connect it to a wireless network.

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