Drivers for 3rd Party integration

Direct IP drivers

These drivers talk directly from the control system to the Bang & Olufsen IP enabled products via TCP/IP.

These are the IP controllable products on the market (Some are obsolete):

Bang & Olufsen TVs:
Beovision Harmony 65/77
Beovision Eclipse 55/65
Beovision 14-40/55
Beovision 11-40/46/55
Beovision Avant-55/75/85
Beovision Avant NG-55/75/85
Beoplay V1-32/40
Beosystem 4

Bang & Olufsen Audio Systems:
Beosound Stage
Beosound 35
Beosound Essence MKII
Beosound Core
Beosound Shape
Beosound Edge
Beosound 1  1st/2nd Gen
Beosound 2  1st/2nd Gen
Beolink Converter NL/ML
Beoplay A9  2nd/3rd/4th Gen
Beoplay A6
Beoplay M5
Beoplay M3

Bang & Olufsen Active Loudspeakers:
BeoLab 90
BeoLab 50

Please see under Tips & Tricks how to set up the products for use with these drivers.

NOTE: These drivers are for Bang & Olufsen AV product control only. They cannot be used to integrate with lighting control systems such as Lutron, KNX, Dynalite, Philips Hue etc.
For that purpose, you will still need a BeoLiving Intelligence / BeoLink Gateway

We currently have direct IP drivers for these systems:


A Crestron Module is available that can control all of the above mentioned Bang & Olufsen products. For more information please look at the help file in the folder once unzipped.

Driver download: BeoNetRemote v1.5.7


Drivers are available in Composer SW, in the online driver database. Search for B&O and all supported models will be available for download.

Drivers can be added automatically with SDDP.

mceclip4.png Bang & Olufsen profiles are now available on the Savant Dealer Portal and in the Racepoint software.

RTI Option 1:

Available through Stilus (Swiss RTI distributor). Please contact them through

Driver download:  RTI Driver

It works 30 minutes for free without a license. Afterwards, you need to resolve a license.

This license costs non-recurring CHF 199.00 and can be paid in advance via Stilus.


RTI Option 2:

A simpler alternative can be downloaded here, free of charge.

Driver download:  RTI BeoRemote driver

Guide download:  Setup Guide


A simple driver for ELAN can be downloaded here.

Driver download: ELAN driver

Guide download:  Setup guide

mceclip7.png The AMX drivers are available here in the 'Support > Downloads > Search Device Modules' section (Requires login).


BeoLink and Masterlink Gateway drivers (Legacy)

IMPORTANT: Only use these drivers when integrating with Bang & Olufsen legacy products that have the Master Link socket. For newer Network Link-based products use the direct IP drivers provided above.

These drivers are based on the open protocol called Master Link Gateway Protocol. It can be found in the downloads section of this page.

These drivers require a BeoLink Gateway or a Master Link Gateway in order to interface with the Bang & Olufsen products connected via Master Link (Bus cable). Both of these products are now marked obsolete.

Many of the Master Link TV’s are able to provide status feedback telegrams if enabled in the Customer Service Menu > ADJUSTMENTS > STAT. TO MLGW > ON. The Network Link products only support one-way communication, which means only command telegrams can be sent via the BeoLink Gateway/Master Link Gateway.

If commands and status feedback is required from the Network Link products, please utilize the Direct IP drivers.

Crestron 2 / Creston 3 (We currently have Crestron drivers for the 2 and 3 series.)
- Link to TwinCAT Documentation
- TwinCAT B&O server
- TwinCAT B&O

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