Beoliving Intelligence

Beoliving Intelligence expands the way Bang & Olufsen products can work together as well as allows them to interact with many other brands of consumer electronic devices.


The market for intelligent installations changes where smart homes become more commoditized and part of standard eco systems (HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon). It is expected that setting up a smart home just requires a few clicks in an app, which is true for smaller DIY smart home components, but not yet for a fully integrated high-end experience.


To address this, we created the product “Beoliving Intelligence” which works together with an iOS app called Beoliving.

The Essential version of Beoliving Intelligence will work out of the box without an installer needed.

Beoliving Intelligence is a small box made for hideaway solutions. It has a simple connection interface only consisting of three connectors: Ethernet, USB and external power supply.


When using a Beoliving Intelligence Essential, all configuration is done via the Beoliving app, and no installation knowledge is needed.

With a license update to a Pro version, Beoliving Intelligence will obtain the same functionality as the BeoLink Gateway, allowing it to be configured for a full Bang & Olufsen custom installation.

The Pro version will require a professional installer, just as was needed in the BeoLink Gateway. 


It can be powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or by use of the enclosed external power supply. In the box you will find everything you need to install the product on either a wall bracket or a shelf/rack.

The benefits of the Beoliving Intelligence hardware platform compared to the BeoLink Gateway are that it is compact, the CPU is four times faster, and it can be powered via PoE.

For more information on the Beoliving Intelligence Essential / Pro, please contact our Customer Care team here.

Important: For more information about your Beoliving intelligence, click here

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