How do I easily reconnect my Bluetooth player with Beoplay A6?


Through the Bang and Olufsen app you have access to the 'Bluetooth reconnect' menu via BLUETOOTH -> SETTINGS.

There are three options for Bluetooth reconnection in this menu:

'Disable reconnect': With this option, you must always use your Bluetooth player to select the Beoplay A6 you wish to play on.

'Automatic reconnect': If you select this option, the Beoplay A6 continuously searches for paired Bluetooth players. As soon as the product finds a paired player, it connects to it and stops searching. If the connection to the player is lost, the product starts searching for a Bluetooth player to connect to.

This option may not be an advantage if you have paired your product with many different Bluetooth players, as the product will connect to the first player within range.

'Manual reconnect': If this option is selected, you must press the Bluetooth button on Beoplay A6 shortly. The product then starts searching for a paired player within reach for a while and establishes contact with the player, when it finds it. However, selecting this option also means that if the product loses contact with the player, it will search for it and try to reconnect.

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