What do the light indicator colours on my Beoplay M3 mean?


Beoplay M3 has two light indicators which are used for multiple functions:

Connectivity indicator

White (dimmed)  In standby
White (flashing)  Booting up
White (solid)  Connected to Wi-Fi - signal level strong
Orange (solid)  Connected to Wi-Fi - signal level medium
Red (flashing)  Network connection error
Blue (flashing)  Bluetooth pairing mode
Blue (solid)  Bluetooth pairing successful
Red (solid)  Bluetooth pairing unsuccessful


Product indicator

Off  In standby or switched off
White (flashing)  Booting up
Red (solid)  Both indicators turn solid red shortly during factory reset
Red (flashing)  Both indicators flash red when a software update is in progress
Red (flashing)  Firmware error. Disconnect from the mains supply and reconnect it
Blue (flashing)  Bluetooth pairing mode
Orange (flashing)  Overheating - allow time to cool down


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