What does the light indicator on Beoplay S8 mean?


The light indicator can be read as follows:


Colour Flashing Solid

A software update in progressmceclip3.png

Do not disconnect Beoplay S8 from the mains during the software update.

Note: A software update must always be performed by an authorised Bang & Olufsen retailer or service technician.

Switched on mceclip5.png(10 seconds duration)


Not applicable

Switched off mceclip4.png (10 seconds duration)


Product failuremceclip1.png

Disconnect Beoplay S8 from the mains, then reconnect it again.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact your nearest Bang & Olufsen retailer.

Error indication mceclip2.png, e.g. overheating:

Reduce the volume level and wait until the product returns to normal.

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