How do I pair Beoplay EQ to Bluetooth?


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    Charge Beoplay EQ for at least 20 minutes

    • Place both earphones in the charging case and close the case lid.
    • Connect the included USB-A to USB-C cable to your charging case and to a charging adapter and connect the charging adapter to a power supply.
      Note: A charging adapter of a maximum of 5V / 3A can be used to charge your Beoplay EQ.
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    Fully open the charging case lid

    • Make sure that case lid is fully open.
    • Important: Allow for the battery status light indicator on the charging case to turn off after approx. 5 seconds. If the light indicator does not turn off, close the case lid and open it fully again. 
  3. 3

    Trigger Bluetooth pairing mode

    • Once the battery status light indicator has turned off, press and hold the touch field on both the left and right earphone for 6 seconds to trigger Bluetooth pairing mode.
    • The light indicator on the charging case will flash blue until paired successfully. Beoplay EQ are ready to be connected to your device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.)
    • If not paired with a device within 1 minute, Beoplay EQ will go out of pairing mode, and you will have to start over again.
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    Connect to your favourite device

    • Turn on Bluetooth on your device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) to scan for new devices.
    • Beoplay EQ will appear as an available connection.
    • Tap Beoplay EQ to connect.
    • Your Beoplay EQ are now ready for use.
      Note: When switched on, they will attempt to reconnect to previously paired devices automatically.

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