How do I separate my Beosound Balance speakers set up as a Bang & Olufsen Stereo pair?


If you wish to separate a Bang & Olufsen Stereo pair, please follow these instructions:

    1. 7.png 1

      Select the stereo pair

      • Open the Bang & Olufsen app
      • Select the stereo pair you would like to separate 
    2. 2.png 2

      Go to Sound settings

      • Scroll down and select Sound settings
    3. Screenshot_2021-07-02_at_15.03.37.png 3

      In the Sound settings menu

      • Select Edit stereo pair
    4. Screenshot_2021-07-02_at_14.23.00.png 4

      Separate pair

      • Press the Separate pair button at the bottom
    5. Screenshot_2021-07-02_at_14.23.04.png 5


      • Confirm that you wish to separate the speakers by pressing Continue
      • Within a minute, the two speakers will appear as individual speakers in the Bang & Olufsen app


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