How do I set up Bang & Olufsen Stereo on Beosound Level?


Bang & Olufsen Stereo allows for two speakers* to be set up as a stereo pair. 

To set up Bang & Olufsen stereo, please follow this guide (example):

  1. 1.png 1*

    Set up both speakers

    • The speakers have to be connected to the same local network and added to the Bang & Olufsen app
    • The speakers have to be the same model and type (e.g. two identical speakers with Google Assistant built-in)
    • Both speakers must have the same software version installed
  2. 2.png 2

    Select the first speaker

    • In the Bang & Olufsen app, select one of the speakers that you want to include in the stereo pair
    • Scroll down and select Sound settings
  3. 3.png 3

    In the Sound settings menu

    • Select Create stereo pair
  4. 4.png 4

    Select the second speaker

    • Select the second speaker for the stereo pair
    • Only speakers of the same model and type will be shown in the list
  5. 5.png 5

    Speaker role

    • By pressing the swap icon between the two speakers, left and right position can be changed
    • Create the stereo pair by pressing Next
  6. 6.png 6

    Naming the stereo pair

    • Set a name for the stereo pair
  7. 7.png 7

    Stereo is now set up

    • The two speakers will now appear as one, regardless of which app or service is being used
    • The Bang & Olufsen app will indicate when two speakers are set up as a pair with a small icon next to the product picture

*only speakers based on the latest platform

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