How do I connect and use Bluetooth headphones with my Beovision Harmony?

You can easily pair Bluetooth headphones with your Beovision Harmony and listen to sound from video sources without disturbing others. 

NOTE: External speakers cannot be used while using Bluetooth headphones with the TV.

First-time setup

Daily use


First-time setup

  1.     1

      Open for pairing

    • Enable pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphones
  2.  2

      Open headphone settings

    • Ensure that your TV is switched on
    • On Beoremote One BT, press the LIST button, select Headphones and Headphones On
  3.   3

      Select the headphones

    • Select your headphones in the 'Available Devices' field to pair them with the TV
    • TV sound will now play in your headphones. Press and hold the BACK button on Beoremote One BT to exit the menu. Please note that there will be no sound in the TV speakers.

Daily use

  1.  1

      Switch on the headphones

    • By default, 'Auto Detect' is enabled in the TV. This means that once the headphones have been paired with the TV, the TV will automatically connect to the headphones when they are switched on.
    • Please note that if your headphones are connected to another device in between, the headphones might not allow the TV to reconnect. In that case, enable pairing mode on your headphones, go to the 'Headphones On' menu on Beoremote One and select your headphones in the 'Previously Connected Devices' field.
  2.  2

      Disconnect the headphones

    • To disconnect, simply switch off your headphones or press the LIST button, select 'Headphones' and 'Headphones Off'.

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