Which TV can I use with Beosound Theatre?


You can use Beosound Theatre with any screen that supports HDMI eARC.

If using one of the LG OLED screens listed below, you can even use Beoremote One BT as the main remote control.

However, if your TV is not included in the list, you can still use the original TV remote to control the experience*.  


Compatible LG screens (for integrated setup using Beoremote One BT):

LG CX (2020 model)

LG GX (2020 model)

LG ZX (2020 model)

LG C1 (2021 model)

LG G1 (2021 model)

LG Z1 (2021 model)

LG C2 (2022 model)

LG G2 (2022 model)

LG Z2 (2022 model)

LG C3 (2023 model)

LG G3 (2023 model)

LG Z3 (2023 model)


Please note that LG C9 is not supported in an integrated setup and should be seen as a 3rd party screen with Beosound Theatre.


How do I use a 3rd party TV with Beosound Theatre?


 *You may need to use the Bang & Olufsen smartphone app for certain functions.


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