Connect your BeoSound 2 with other Bang & Olufsen products through Multiroom

With the Bang & Olufsen Multiroom, you can join playing sources and expand the experience to all or selected products on your network. The Bang & Olufsen app provides a simple and quick overview of all sources.

You can read more about the Multiroom feature and the Bang & Olufsen app on

To use the Multiroom feature, the products must be on the same network. For example, if you have a BeoSound 35 playing in one room and the BeoSound 2 in another room, and both are connected to the same network, you can simply tap the top of BeoSound 2 to listen to what is being played on BeoSound 35.

You can use the Bang & Olufsen App to link products so they can share their sources with other products. To link products, navigate to the MULTIROOM tab. A list of products identified on the home network is shown. From there, connect your speakers to the lead speaker.

To change the order in which sources are activated when you ‘double tap’ on top of the BeoSound 2, or to change the source list shown under product settings in the Bang & Olufsen App, find the BeoSound 2 in MY PRODUCTS and press CONFIGURE. From there, go to the menu YOUR CONTENT and then to the SOURCES menu.