Connecting a device through line-in

You can connect a music device via line-in to your BeoSound 2 speaker and use it as a line-in speaker.

You can adjust the volume of your speaker both on the line-in connected device and on the speaker.

If you have started playing from the source connected to the line-in socket on your speaker and no sound is heard you may need to change the level for the line-in signal using the Bang & Olufsen App.
In the ‘SETTINGS’ menu, select the menu ‘SENSITIVITY ON LINE-IN’ to make settings for the sensitivity level on line-in. Which setting to choose depends on the product connected. ‘High’ suits most portable MP3 players. ‘Medium’ is for standard audio equipment and computers. ‘Low’ is for DVD/BD players.

If you are playing through line-in and switch to another source, you can reconnect to line-in either by stepping through the available sources by double-tapping on the BeoSound 2 touch plate or via the Bang & Olufsen app.

If you stop playback from line-in, BeoSound 2 will switch to standby after 3 minutes.