My Beoplay H9i do not switch off, what can I do?


If this happens, there are two ways to switch off your Beoplay H9i:
1. Move the switch to the ON position and then move it to the OFF position again
2. Remove the battery from the compartment and reinsert it by following the steps below:

    1. bat1.png 1

      Open the battery compartment

      • Turn the left earphone metal cover counter-clockwise to open the battery compartment.

    2. ba2.png 2

      Remove the metal cover

      • If needed, press down on the cover edge near the microphone to release it.

    3. bat3.png 3

      Remove the battery

      • Press the button at the bottom of the compartment.

    4. bat4.png 4

      Insert the battery and close the metal cover

      • Insert the battery with the marker pointing upward.
      • Close the metal cover, making sure to align the mark inside the headphones with the mark on the cap
      • Turn the metal cover clockwise to lock it.

If you're still experiencing issues with your Beoplay H9i, please contact our customer service team here.

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