Beoplay H9i FAQ's -

Can I exchange my Beoplay H9i ear cushions?
Can I make or receive a call when my Beoplay H9i are connected to a computer via the USB cable?
Why can't I enable or disable active noise cancellation on my Beoplay H9i?
How do I reset my Beoplay H9i?
My Beoplay H9i do not switch off, what can I do?
Where do I find the serial number of my Beoplay H9i?
What materials are used for the leather treatment on Beoplay H9i?
What is the measurement of the ear cushion for the H9i?
How do I clean my Beoplay H9i?
Can I use the flight adapter of my Beoplay H9i outside an airplane?
Why doesn't the automatic play/pause function work properly on my Beoplay H9i?
I am experiencing problems with the touch control/angle sensor of my Beoplay H9i
Why is AptX not supported by Beoplay H9i?
Why does the colour of my Beoplay H9i ear cushions change?
Can I use ear cushions from another model with my Beoplay H9i?

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