Beolab 18 first-time setup

Set up your Beolab 18 speakers wirelessly or with cables. Ensure that the speakers are positioned, set up and connected in accordance with the instructions in this guide and the guides enclosed with any accessories. You may also contact your retailer regarding installation. Bases and brackets are available as optional accessories.

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    Carefully handle your speaker

    • When handling your speaker make sure to place it on a soft cloth or the like to avoid making marks on the speaker.
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    Use the Aluminum part for handling

    • To lift the speaker grip at the top and bottom of the aluminium back part, as illustrated.
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    Insert the connection cables

    • Cable(s) must be inserted from the back of the speaker, as illustrated.
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    Set up your wireless connection

    • Set up your audio/video product wirelessly with a pair of Beolab 18 speakers or make a wireless surround sound system.
    • See the guide enclosed with your wireless transmitter, for example, Beolab Transmitter 1, for information about how to connect the wireless transmitter, your audio/video product and your speakers.

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    Power Link, Toslink or line cables

    • If you choose a cabled setup, you can use Power Link, Toslink™ or line cables for connection between your Beolab 18and your audio/video product. If you use TosLink™ cables, you must make a daisy chain setup as illustrated. This is also possible with Power Link cables. Be aware that TosLink™ cables should not be bent more than a radius of 30 mm since this can cause disturbances in the sound performance.

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    Use the Aluminum part for handling

    • Examples of connections. Run cables according to the instructions enclosed with your bases or brackets. Note that all inputs must be volume regulated. 
    • The socket marked SERVICE is for service use only.

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    Set your preferred speaker position preset

    • Set the position switch (POS.) according to whether your speaker is placed close to a wall, a corner or in a free-standing position. The wall position is measured 15 cm from the closest
      edge of the speaker to the wall.

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    Assign a role for each speaker

    • If you have a wired setup, set the role switch (ROLE) according to whether your speaker is placed to the left (L) or the right (R) of your audio/video product. If you have a wireless setup always set the role switch to wireless (WL).

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    Mount the cover

    • Place the connection cover and push the lower corners inside the connection panel to keep it in place
    • (9a) Mount the front cover
    • (9b) and fasten the two side covers
    • (9c) when your speaker is mounted on the optional base or bracket.

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    The LED indicator

    • The LED indicator on your Beolab 18 will display the status of your device after being setup. For more details on the LED indicator click here.

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