How do I reset Beoplay A9 4th Gen to factory settings?

If you want to remove all paired Bluetooth devices or are experiencing issues, you can reset Beoplay A9 4th Gen to factory settings as described below: 

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      Switch on Beoplay A9 4th Gen

      • Connect the included power cable to the mains supply.
      • Once powered on, the connectivity indicator should show solid white, if your device is set up and connected to a network.

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      Reset Beoplay A9 4th Gen

      • Remove the socket panel cover.
      • Press the reset button (B) for 10 seconds until you hear a sound and the product status indicator flashes red shortly.
      • When the network indicator starts flashing white and then begins to flash orange, Beoplay A9 4th Gen is ready to be set up in a wireless network. If Beoplay A9 4th Gen has a wired connection to a network router, the network indicator turns solid white.

Click here to learn how to do the first-time set up of your Beoplay A9 4th Gen.

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