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You can personalise your Beoremote One, using a Mybutton. You can save a “snapshot” of a current viewing and listening experience and thereby personalise that experience to restore it quickly with just one touch of a button. A snapshot can include the settings made for the selected source, for example, stand positions, sound mode and speaker group. You can also simply use it to activate a specific source with a Mybutton.

For information on how to activate a source directly with the TV or MUSIC button from standby, see the article Service and software update


Save a snapshot

You can save snapshots which can be activated by the Mybuttons. Your television must be switched on and a source must be selected.

  1. Press and hold one of the Mybuttons, to bring up a list of items you can include in the snapshot.
  2. Highlight the different items and press the centre button to enable or disable them.
  3. Highlight Save and press the centre button to save the settings.

If you want to remove a snapshot from a button, you can select Clear or uncheck all items.

If you save a snapshot with a button where a snapshot has already been saved, the existing snapshot will be replaced by the new one. 


Use a snapshot

Use the desired snapshot when you watch television.

  1. Press the button dedicated to the desired snapshot. 

When you activate a saved snapshot, the settings are temporary and will be in effect until you adjust the settings, select another source, or switch the television to standby.

If the item saved as a snapshot is no longer available, the snapshot will still be activated, but the item played will follow normal source behaviour for the selected source.

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