Watch television

Watch analogue and digital terrestrial, cable and satellite channels depending on your tuner options. See the programme information and open the TV guide. Make a recording if you have connected a correctly formatted USB HDD or SSD. To bring up a favourite source quickly, you can save the source on a Mybutton on Beoremote One. For more information, see the article Personalise the TV experience.

Select a source

  1. Press TV, then mceclip9.png or mceclip11.png to bring up the desired source in the Beoremote One display and press the centre button.*

*You can set a video source to be activated directly with the Beoremote One TV button from standby. For more information, see the article Service and software update.  

Select a channel

  1. Press mceclip23.png and mceclip24.png or use the number buttons to select a channel, or ...
  2. ... press mceclip0.png to select the previous channel.


Bring up and use source specific functions

  1. Press LIST, then mceclip9.png or mceclip11.png to switch between source specific functions in the Beoremote One display.
  2. Highlight a desired function and press the centre button. 

Record here and now

You can record the programme you are watching right now if you press the centre button and select the red icon in the left corner or press LIST then mceclip9.png or mceclip11.png to find Record in the Beoremote One display and press the centre button.

Use teletext

If available from your programme provider, you can bring up teletext for the selected channel.

  1. Press LIST, then mceclip9.png or mceclip11.png to bring up Text in the Beoremote One display and press the centre button.
  2. Press mceclip23.png or mceclip24.pngto step up or down in pages.
  3. Use the number buttons to enter a page number.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to navigate.
  5. Press mceclip0.png to leave teletext.

Programme information

You can bring up information on the current programme. You can also change audio and subtitle language or bring up interactive information via HbbTV.**

An information display appears briefly on the screen every time you change channel or station. You can also bring up a display manually by pressing INFO to see programme information. 

**HbbTV may not be available on all markets.

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