Beolab 28 FAQ's -

Does Beolab 28 include built-in audio sources?
Can I play radio or music on Beolab 28 from the Bang & Olufsen app?
How can I play music in different rooms with Beolab 28?
Can I use my Beolab 28 with 3rd party TV using Line-in?
Can Beolab 28 be used in a surround sound setup with a Beovision TV?
Why am I unable to stream music to my Beolab 28 when they are in use with the TV?
Why is there a microphone icon on the top button panel of Beolab 28?
Can I pair two Beolab 28 speakers to create a stereo experience?
Do I need a cable between my Beolab 28 speakers to pair them in a stereo setup?
How many Beolab 28 speakers can I connect without connecting to a TV?
Can I connect a Beolab 19 to my two Beolab 28 speakers in a stereo pair setup?

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