Beosound Explore FAQ's -

Beosound Explore charging instructions
Can I charge my Beosound Explore using USB-C from a computer?
My Beosound Explore will not switch on or respond to button presses. What should I do?
What do I do if I cannot switch on my Beosound Explore after not using it for a long period of time?
Can I charge my mobile device when it is running low on battery while playing music on my Beosound Explore?
Can I play music while charging my Beosound Explore?
Why can I not check the battery level of my Beosound Explore on my phone?
How do I connect the charging cable to my Beosound Explore?
What is the charging time for Beosound Explore?
What do the battery level indicator lights on my Beosound Explore mean?
What is the battery life of Beosound Explore?

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