Beoplay M3 FAQ's -
Wi-Fi & Connectivity

I have a problem connecting my Beoplay M3 using Bluetooth. What can I do?
I cannot see the AirPlay icon on my iOS device, what is wrong?
How do I connect Beoplay M3 to a router using an Ethernet cable?
Setting up Beoplay M3 using a web browser
Setting up Beoplay M3 using Wireless Accessory Configuration
Chromecast built-in does not work on Beoplay M3. What is wrong?
How do I enable Chromecast built-in on my Beoplay M3?
How do I easily reconnect my Bluetooth player with Beoplay M3?
My Beoplay M3 seems to have forgotten my Bluetooth device, why?
Beoplay M3 Bluetooth connectivity
Which wireless networks are supported by Beoplay M3?

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