Beoplay M5 Bluetooth Connection


Beoplay M5 remembers up to 8 paired connections. When switched on, it will attempt to reconnect to previously paired devices automatically.

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      Switch on Beoplay M5

      • Connect Beoplay M5 to the mains supply.
      • Wait for 1 minute while both the connectivity indicator and the product indicator are flashing white.
      • After the connectivity indicator changes to orange and a sound prompt is heard, Beoplay M5 is booted up and ready to be set up with the Bang & Olufsen app. Click here to learn how to set up Beoplay M5 with the Bang & Olufsen app.

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      Initiate Bluetooth pairing

      • Turn on Bluetooth on your device. 
      • Beoplay M5 will appear as an available connection.
      • Tap Beoplay M5 to connect.
      • Your Beoplay M5 is now ready to be used.

Note: As a point-to-point source, Bluetooth is always open for pairing. To disable always open Bluetooth pairing, follow these instructions

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