Pairing the left and right earphone of your Beoplay E8 Sport - from software version 5.7.0 and below


In case the left earphone has lost connection to the right (or has been replaced), then it needs to be paired to the right earphone. 
Important: The steps below should only be followed if you are unable to trigger the Bluetooth pairing mode on your Beoplay E8 Sport.

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    Switch on your Beoplay E8 Sport

    • Ensure that there are no other Beoplay E8 Sport within a range of 20 meters.
    • Remove both earphones from the charging case to switch them on. The indicator light turns white.
    • When the earphones are removed from the charging case, the steps below must be completed within 1 minute.
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    Pair your earphones

    • Tap and then tap and hold both earphones for 15 seconds. The light indicator will turn red. Do not let go before the product indicator has started flashing.  
    • Wait 10 seconds while the earphones reboot and the light indicator turns white.
    • Once the light indicator is flashing blue, the earphones are ready for Bluetooth pairing.

      - If your earphones flashed blue, continue following step 3.

      - If your earphones did not flash blue, try repeating the procedure. If you are still unable to complete the pairing procedure, verify the software version of your Beoplay E8 Sport in the Bang and Olufsen app and, if applicable, follow the steps for software version 5.8.0 or contact our customer care team here if you continue to experience difficulties completing the pairing procedure.
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    Update your Beoplay E8 Sport

    • You are now ready to connect your Beoplay E8 Sport. To learn how to connect your Beoplay E8 Sport click here.
    • To avoid the left and right earphone losing connection to each other, we recommend updating your Beoplay E8 Sport with the latest software.
      Please follow the description here.

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