Beoplay H9 FAQ's -

Can I exchange my Beoplay H9 ear cushions?
How do I know which Beoplay H9 variant I have?
Can I buy accessories for my Beoplay H9?
What materials are used for the leather treatment on Beoplay H9?
Can I use the flight adaptor of my Beoplay H9 outside an airplane?
What do I do when the Beoplay H9 battery has no power?
Which accessory cables are available for my Beoplay H9 headphone?
Can I use the touch control to turn on/off ANC when I plug in my Beoplay H9 with 3.5mm mini-jack cable?
How do I reset my Beoplay H9?
Where do I find the serial number of my Beoplay H9?

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