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Beolit 20 Bluetooth connectivity
Can I connect my Beolit 20 with my MAC/PC using Bluetooth?
Does Beolit 20 work via Wi-Fi?
My device does not have Bluetooth, can I still use my Beolit 20?
I cannot connect my Bluetooth device to my Beolit 20 even though they have already been paired, why?
Why can’t I find Beolit 20 in the Bluetooth connection list on my mobile device?
How many devices can be connected to Beolit 20 at the same time?
How many Bluetooth connections can Beolit 20 remember?
Which Bluetooth version does Beolit 20 use?
How do I set up my Beolit 20 without using the Bang & Olufsen app?
How do I set up my Beolit 20?

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